ICTD; Human Development; Systems; Big Data Analytics; Networks Lab

IHSAN Lab aims to facilitate human development through technological solutions. We use techniques from diverse disciplines (from areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, communications networks, economics, psychology, and sociology) to model, understand, and improve human societies, particularly, in the areas of education, health, and global Internet access.

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junaid qadir

Junaid Qadir

Lab Director

Anwaar Ali

Research Associate

Uzzam Javed

Research Associate

Muhammad Usama

PhD Student

Zafar Iqbal

Graduate Student


Approximate Networking

Billions of people still cannot access the Internet services with state-of-the-art existing communication technologies. We envision a system that is intelligent enough to make necessary performance tradeoffs in order to keep the people and remote/challenged/disaster-struck sites connected with the rest of the world


We study the role of multiplicity of paths and its implications on network performance. Resource pooling is also one of the subject matters in this research domain.

Big Data for Development

The basic hypothesis of this research is that we can use such mobile phones and modern ICT technology to revolutionize public health services in Pakistan.

Wireless for Development

We propose to use holistic cognitive approach that uses intelligent software defined radio techniques to provide a solution to the vexing issues of wireless interference and wireless spectrum scarcity

Note: Interested BS and MS students can apply for the projects being offered in year 2016/2017 [link].



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  • Book Chapters

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  • Misc

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  • More papers can be found on this Google Scholar profile

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