Learning Resources:

The following papers are related to pedagogical and learning tips that can benefit all learners.

1) Learning 101: The Untaught Basics

2) What every student should know: Seven learning impediments and their remedies, IEEE Potentials, 2015.

Presentation on Slideshare

Teaching Resources:

1) An online course titled, "Network Performance Evaluation" taught for the Virtual University of Pakistan.
     Various course resources—including lecture videos and slides—can be downloaded. Lectures are also available on Youtube

2) The following open courseware developed by Junaid Qadir is available online:
    a) Advanced Computer Networks: Software Defined Networks, NUST LMS (guest access allowed).
    b) Signals and Systems, NUST LMS (guest access allowed), Google site
    c) Cognitive Radio Networks, NUST LMS (guest access allowed)
    d) Computer Networks
    e) Fundamentals of ICT, Google site

3) Some video lectures related to courses and research can be seen at:


    Google Scholar Profile